ATTITUDE offers products and services to its customers and the market in general. The innovative solutions we present aim to create Consumer Experiences that are differentiating and adding value to both the residential and commercial markets. The turnkey products and projects we develop aim to enable our customers to be more effective and profitable in their business.

Our areas of expertise are:

RETAIL Intelligence
(strategic information for retail)

ATTITUDE, through a strategic partnership provides the tools necessary for retailers and shopping centers to optimize the consumer experience and improve profits through advice based on the data collected.

Increase profits by knowing (fully) your customers.

Strategic Retail Information . Transform the art of pampering customers into a science. Using the latest technologies, it allows you to understand where customers are going and what they are buying - whether they are regular visitors or customers for the first time. Develop the business and perfect your strategies with the support of our expert consultants.

People Counter . Retail traffic counting technology is not obsolete, but should now function as the basis for a deeper, more detailed relationship. Retailers and shopping centers should complement people counts with solutions that provide deeper insight into where consumers spend along their route, how long they stay at each location, and how many visits turn into effective sales. Multidimensional site analytics solutions (which include retail traffic counters) can identify the most visited areas of a store or mall and show the areas that attract the most traffic and those that can not. This allows strategic decision-makers to change the location of high-performance exhibitors or stores to areas that result in a longer customer route, or use traffic-orientation techniques such as marketing campaigns to encourage and increase affluence.

Retail Analytics. The quality of information revealed by analytics will vary according to the sophistication of the technology you have chosen. Leading market solutions use people counting technology to track the number of visitors by combining this data with other information that is already generated by your business, thereby developing a deep strategic knowledge. For example, in retail stores, data from people counters can be crossed with point-of-sale information, thus calculating the conversion rate relative to the total number of visitors. These data can also be cross-tabulated with work team shifts to assess whether the employee-to-customer ratio is always optimized. Already in a shopping center environment, retail analytics can be used to map the location of visitors and identify which stores are - or are not - attracting customers. Data from people counts can also be crossed with marketing activities, allowing an evaluation of the campaigns and showing if they are leading to an increase in affluence - and therefore, to recover the investment.


Connect, get involved and inspire.

Digital Signage, Menu Boards, Commercial TV, Digital Signage Players.


How does your business sound?

Music for Business or Stores, Audio Branding, Message Waiting.


Create a more memorable experience.

Scent marketing solutions.


Become mobile, personal and interactive.

Shazam In-Store, Social Mix, Mood WiFi, location-based technology.


Complete the experience with integrated AV systems and local installation.


Partnership with Spanish start-up to develop the Portuguese market in innovative connection projects based on plastic fiber optics.

A solution for simple and collapsible home installation connectivity up to 1Gbps.

Plastic fiber optic fiber is a fiber of 1mm core and 2.2mm diameter in total that offers connectivity inside the home through a simple installation, without connectors and at a much lower cost than fiberglass.

For your installation you can use all existing cable paths in the home without any cut or inconvenience and is safe because it can not be intercepted and immune to interference.


In order to support the implementation of the Smart Grid of Things ATTITUDE in partnership with one of the leading companies in China develops innovative equipment.

Smart Metering , smart electricity counters, is a medium / long term project of global dimension.

ATTITUDE is available to respond to other turn-key projects in this area of the Smart Energy Grid for the hotel, business and public sector market.

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