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The current ATTITUDE project, Construction, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Buildings and Real Estate, and the Representation of Products and Services for Buildings and Real Estate, is born in 2014.

However, its genesis is 25 years old, and is currently the accumulated experience of two companies, Mr. Electric (who specializes in Maintenance) and Casinter (construction company).

The goal is to be a benchmark in the national market, betting on customer service and the quality of execution of our projects

Passion for Infrastructures

AT ATTITUDE we love Real Estate. What moves us is the management of the lifecycle of a Real Estate, Build, Maintain, Rehabilitate. At ATTITUDE we do Construction, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Buildings and Properties. In Buildings, Houses, Apartments, Facades, Shops, Commercial Spaces, Offices, Companies, Industry, Condominiums, Hotels.

Trust in our work

ATTITUDE seeks to have a market position based on Honesty, Responsibility, Sustainability. Honesty. We show what we are. We have class 5 construction permit. We have certified technicians. Responsibility. We make compromises. We have strict budgets. We have agreed deadlines. Sustainability. We preserve our world. We recycle. We have policy control waste. We are looking for innovative materials.

Our Team

Our engineering team (project management, supervisors, technicians) is available to accompany the development of a project in the budgeting, construction management, execution, after-sales phases.

We have our own team of technicians certified in Electricity and Fluorinated Gases, and a network of partners, loyal and professional, which allows us to give an effective response in Electricity, HVAC and Fix-It specialties (furniture, carpentry, locksmithing, window frames, flooring).

We have in our central structure a 24h 7d customer service line which together with a team of technical profile clients allows a higher level of customer service

Antonio Pires

Antonio Pires

Mantenaince technician
Carlos Almeida

Carlos Almeida

Construction Technician
Denys Lukianets

Denys Lukianets

Electricity technician

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